$14,000 Chanel Perfume Heist in Tulsa Ends in Arrests

This week, three women pulled off an impressive perfume heist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well, Authorities captured them, so they failed to officially “pull it off.” That said, the amount of perfume stolen remains rather exceptional.

The Tulsa Police Department was called to the scene of an Ulta Beauty store where the store accused the women of lifting 270 Chanel perfume products. The store valued the products at $14,000. 

Ulta staff said the women walked in with bags and began lifting the products as the manager called out for them to cease the activity. But the women ran to a waiting car and got away.

Ulta places GPS tracking in some of its higher-end products, which were included in the stolen goods, so police were quick to track them down. 

“We are not sure what the fragrance of the jail is, but we’re fairly certain it’s not Chanel No. 9,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

That’s downright cold.  

But it’s also a testament to how expensive many perfumes can be, which is another good reason to try perfume samples. Remember, it’s easier to sample a luxury brand than to get caught snatching them from a store. Of course, that’s an equally cold plug, but why not?