How To Apply Perfume So You Get The Most Out of The Fragrance

It’s a concept that likely feels pretty simple. But the fact is, applying perfume is a far from straightforward experience. Many people spritz a perfume on some part of their body and run out the door.

But here’s the thing: When you approach applying a perfume in simpleton terms, you may not get the most out of that perfume. On the other hand, perfumes are not a cheap endeavor, as we all know, so why not get the most out of them?

So what is the correct way to apply a perfume?

Perfume longevity depends on your prowess in applying the scent correctly to your body. If you fail to apply your perfume correctly, the perfume doesn’t last as long as its potential. This means you reapply it later, which costs you.

Don’t Rub It In

Some people think that rubbing a perfume into their skin soaks the skin and improves longevity. But this is far, far from the truth. You need to spritz the fragrance on the skin and let it naturally do its work.

If you rub the perfume in, you wipe away top notes. The top notes are intended to fade away naturally via an evaporation process. The perfume designer intended things this way. When you rub the perfume on your skin, you bypass this vital part of the process, and the perfume begins to lose its luster and appeal.

Find Pulse Points

What are pulse points?

Wrists, behind the ears, behind knees, and inside the elbows.

Pulse points are warmer parts of the body that act as a perfect perfume conduit. When you spritz in these areas, your perfume can reach it’s maximum potential.

Spritz Your Clothes

Fear not, dabbing your favorite perfume on your clothes is a great way to maximize a scent. Clothes hold a fragrance as well as, if not better, than skin. Though, your skin will emanate a fuller scent profile than your clothes will.

Look at dabbing perfume on your clothes as an accent, or an addition, rather than the primary way.