KKW Fragrances Shutting Down, Will Relaunch

Kim Kardashian is a global brand name. Anything she touches turns to gold (or crypto, depending on the lens you view economic metaphors through). As a result, her fragrance collection, which falls under her KKW brand, has remained highly sought after.

But now, it appears Kardashian may be moving in a new direction. This follows an Instagram post noting the changes on April 1. No, we think this is real for those suspicious of the posting date.

KKW Fragrances says they intend to relaunch the brand under a new name but will shut down KKW as part of the transition. The shutdown transition also means 40% off all KKW merchandise until its all gone.

Yep, out with the old, in with the new.

But what’s new?

The salacious side of me guesses that the concluding “W” which stands for “West” might be the problem. Kim is going through a tumultuous divorce with hip-hop star, Kanye West. She might want to change her business name for personal or even legal reasons. It’s not every day that a business scraps its brand name and firehouse sells all of its products. So, there must be some dramas.

All the same, KKW fragrance lovers are finding good deals in the midst of whatever change is upon us.