Legend by Montblanc Review – A Powerful Mens Cologne

Our Legend by Montblanc review unveils a detailed look at an Aromatic Fougere fragrance that’s specifically crafted towards men. However, a number of fruity notes help capture a fun vibe as opposed to any deep, or earthy scents often deployed in mens fragrances. If you’re considering a bottle of Montblanc legend, keep in mind, we’ve got Legend samples on hand. You know, buy a Montblanc Legend and forget reading our review (we promise to not get offended). Otherwise, stick around and we’ll go over how Legend smells, which perfumer created it, and how long it lasts.

Montblanc Legend Review – Getting Started

mont blanc legend review

Montblanc is a well-known producer of luxury goods. If you are unfamiliar with Montblanc, you should know they are most popular for their jewelery, leather goods, and most notably, pens. In fact, Montblanc pens are one of the top luxury mens gifts out there. The Montblanc brand associates with high-class culture, but they aren’t overly known for their perfumes. The brand was founded in 1906 in Germany.

In 2011, perfumer Olivier Pescheux helped craft Legend on behalf of Montblanc. He aimed to construct a modern, energetic, and somewhat fruity scent. Because Montblanc is so well known for it’s luxy pens, the bottle was designed using modern metallic colors and edges. In short, the Legend bottle reminds one of a pen. Legend bottles are available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

Pescheux has worked for a number of high profile fragrance institutions, including Annick Goutal. He’s spent the latter part of his career with the famous Givaudan. He’s a winner of the 2010 International Fragrance Prize. Pescheux attaches his name to over 120 fragrances, including Legend, one of his more popular creations.

The metallic style Legend bottle is ideal for gifting. It’s sleek design feels very German modern, like a building in Munich or Berlin. The bottle and packaging remind us of a heavier object. Similarly, there’s a minimalist vibe to it.

What Does Legend Smell Like?

Pescheux leveraged pineapple, lavender, bergamot, and lemon verbena on the top notes. In the middle, we find dried fruits, apples, oak moss, coumarin, rose, and geranium. In the base, Pescheux uses sandalwood and tonka bean to tame Legend.

Most Legend reviews find this fragrance fruity, particularly during the open. It yields to a fresh appeal, but not antiseptic at all. One thing you do need to understand about Legend is that it is powerful. A little goes a long ways. This fragrance fills the area around you more than a lot of other colognes. There’s a cooling vibe to Legend that you don’t find among a lot of top mens colognes. It last for about 5 hours or more, but the first couple of hours you’ll experience potent projection. So don’t overdo it.

Montblanc Legend Commercials, Advertising

The Montblanc Legend commercial campaign features a refined, modern man waiting for his date to arrive. The Montblanc Legend commercial is exactly what you’d expect. Montblanc uses model Simon Clark in the commercial.

Final Notes

Montblanc Legend is a potent fruity mens cologne that tends to offer potent projection for its first few hours of wear. However, the overall lasting power falls under the 5 hour mark, which isn’t great. But the scent is refreshing and well-received. The contemporary bottle design makes Legend a perfect gift for a refined man who appreciates luxury.