Love by Kilian By Kilian Review

Love by Kilian is a sweet, white floral womens’ perfume. Some would say it’s an amber scent. It’s decently popular but by no means a highly sought-after fragrance. That said, it’s a unique fragrance that many women thoroughly enjoy. Lets check out the review and see how this fragrance works out.

Love by Kilian By Kilian Review Essentials

Perfumer Calice Becker created Love by Kilian in 2007. As we mentioned, the fragrance has performed well with consumers, but it’s not among the most popular. There’s a lot of benefit to going a little off the beaten path with perfumes; clearly, you won’t smell like everyone else at the cocktail affair. 

Calice is known for over 100 perfumes. She’s the Vice President Perfumer and Director at the famous Givaudan house based in New York City. 

She’s created several perfumes for Bath and Body Works, but Kilian represents her most significant contributions. 

She’s a french perfumer who has received a Lifetime Achievement Perfumer Award.

What Does Love by Kilian Smell Like?

The top notes feature bergamot, coriander, pink pepper, and neroli. The middle notes are assorted with jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, blossom, iris. And the base notes leverage caramel, sugar, vanilla, musk, and labdanum.

Already we can see, Kilian is a sweet perfume. But, while the musk certainly helps to reel in the sweetness, it’s not intended to neutralize it too much. If you don’t like sweet perfumes, Kilian won’t be your thing. Instead, there’s a candy-like essence that could strike you as immature or teeny-bopper. That depends on your perspective.

You might even catch some marshmallows in the air. Kilian doesn’t try to achieve complexity; instead, it’s simple and sweet by nature. The marshmallow dominates the initial spritz into the later hours of wear. 

And about perfume longevity, Kilian lasts only a few hours. So if you enjoy it, you’ll need to reapply by dinner. 

Love by Kilian Samples

You’re in luck, we have Love by Kilian samples in stock. At least at the time of this article. Perfume samples are an excellent way to test a perfume with your real life without over-investing on a full bottle.

Love by Kilian Commercials

The commercial, shot in French, features “young lovers” with edgy spirits. Motorcycles and tattoos demostrate a “bad boy” play that has a sexy model saying that “bad boys are no good,” only countered by the “good guys are no fun” response. It’s a fun commercial.

Final Notes

Kilian is a super sweet perfume that may come off as a bit juvenile. The marshmallow is heavy and the longevity is short. Its not our favorite perfume, but some people really enjoy heavy, candied sweetness. This is all preference. We do have Kilian samples available, so there’s not much risk in trying.