Perfume During a Workout. Can It Be Done?

We love to work out. I probably should work out more, but you feel my vibes here. Of course, we also prefer to smell good around these parts, including while working out. 

We enjoy smelling good at the gym because it makes us less offensive. Oh, and it makes us more attractive to the guy or girl we have the hots for who’s treadmilling beside us. 

But smelling good and working out aren’t always two activities we associate together.

Rightfully so, When we work out hard, we tend to sweat. And sweat can wash away our best intentions of smelling good.

So is it possible to get more longevity out of a perfume while working out?

The answer is, of course. 

By the way, we have a full perfume longevity guide worth checking out. 

Here are some tips that help improve your perfume workout longevity.

Keep Your Skin Moist

Before you hit the gym, hit your skin with the lotion – All the lotions. Applying perfume to dry skin creates an ecosystem that’s easily washed away with sweat or evaporated by heat. 

Make sure the lotion you choose is of the unscented version. 

Hydrated skin helps propel a fragrance’s longevity. 

Pulse Points. Know Them. Use Them

perfume exercise

Pulse points are areas of the body which serve as more ideal perfume application points. Places such as the wrist, behind knees and elbows, or even behind ears, help amplify and retain a scent.

This is usually due to having more arteries running near the surfaces of the skin. 

Leveraging pulse points before your workout will help your scent last through your exercise regimen and into the evening. 

Know Your Fragrance Types

We have a full article on Eau de parfum vs, Perfume vs. eau de toilette. It’s not as confusing as it sounds. However, if you are into fragrances, this is essential information. 

In simple terms, these labels reflect a perfume’s concentration and density. Therefore, these matters serve to increase or decrease a scents longevity.

Eau de parfume is the densest, which means it lasts the longest. So if you want your fragrance to last through a workout, eau de parfume would be a prime choice.

Final Notes

Many people think wearing a fragrance during a workout is a waste of money. They believe the perfume scent will fade or wash away quickly. But if you apply the methods above, you can avert such perfume disaster and smell to impress during your workouts.