This Simple Trick Helps Your Perfume Last Longer

When it comes to buying perfume, longevity is a critical cost factor. When we consider how much a perfume costs, we must consider the price of that fragrance. 


That’s simple: If a perfume that costs 50% less lasts three times as long as its rival, well, the math works out in fragrance savings. One way to figure out if a perfume will last long for yourself is to pick up a perfume sample

Before I reveal our quick trick in helping your fragrances last longer, I’ll point you towards a more refined, informative perfume longevity guide. Inside you’ll find deep insights into how you can get the most out of all your fragrances. Moreover, I would also encourage you to read our Eau de Parfum vs. Perfume vs. Eau de Toilette guide. Because in this guide, we teach you how the names affect perfume longevity.

A Simple Trick That Increases Perfume Longevity

woman moisturizing for perfume longevity

The biggest needle mover for increasing or decreasing a fragrance’s longevity is skin hydration. If your skin is moisturized, it needs less fragrance than dry skin. This is because moisturized skin holds a scent much longer. In addition, hydrated skin offers your fragrance a more stable ecosystem. 

This is why you often hear perfume sages at Sephora or Nordstroms advising buyers to apply their fragrances after a hot shower. The steam from the shower is a skin hydrater and offers perfume a welcoming environment to thrive. You can double down after the shower by adding in some lotion. Of course, make sure you dry your skin before adding in the lotion. 

You can also add lotion to the fragrance area later in the day to help increase the scent’s longevity. The more moisture your skin contains, the happier your perfume will be and the longer it will last. 

So utilize those pulse points, but make sure the pulse points are hydrated. 

Other things which affect skin hydration:

Alcohol – Drinking a little is fine, but overdrinking wreaks havoc on our skin. (source)

Smoking – Folks, don’t do it! Smoking is terrible for the skin. (source)

Processed foods: Yep, an unhealthy diet will dry your skin out.

Taking care of your skin not only helps your overall glow it can also help increase your favorite fragrance’s longevity. A healthier bodily ecosystem means you smell better and hopefully, live a more fruitful, longer life.

Keep your skin hydrated and smell better, longer. That’s the critical takeaway.