Phlur’s Missing Person Perfume Is Back

A few months ago, Phlur Missing Person perfume went missing. While that play on words may feel incredibly forced, reality speaks otherwise. 

But wait, there’s a perfume called “Missing Person?” Who would want that?

Phlur Missing Person is a perfume that many people on TikTok have claimed reminds them of lovers or people from their past. Maybe it’s all brilliant hype marketing? Or maybe not? You can read the original Phlur Missing Person article here and catch up. 

Whether or not the personal scent claims were valid will long be debated. But what’s not debated is that all that hype led to massive sales and empty stock. The full bottles went for less than $100, so Missing Person perfume was a rather affordable venture for many. 

Chriselle Lim created the fragrance. She launched back in late February. She claims it will remind you of someone you miss, or a special moment in time. She says that “if nude were a scent, it would be Missing Person.” That’s pretty interesting. And potentially bizarre. 

@rachelrigler The scent of YOUR LOVER’S SKIN?! 🥰 #perfume #fragrance #fragrancetok #phlur ♬ original sound – Rachel Rigler

We have lots of perfume samples, but not Missing Person. 

Many people seem to buy into the hype, which may or may not be placebo cases. How could a scent remind everyone of someone from their past or present? That just sounds impossible. But who am I to judge?

That said, if you’re interested in trying Missing Person, you best get to ordering it. Because it’s proven to sell out relatively fast and it appears restocking time takes months.