Singer Sabrina Carter Launches New Perfume

She’s both singer and writer, and now, perfumer. 

Sabrina Carter is the latest celebrity to partner with Scent Beauty to release a fragrance. 

Sabrina calls her latest fragrance endeavor Sweet Tooth. She creatively designed the bottle in the shape of a chocolate bar. 

Sweet Tooth uses vanilla, sugar, chantilly cream, and marshmallow notes to combine for a sweet, floral fragrance experience. 

“I was always labeled a sweet tooth growing up, because I’m obsessed with chocolate — anyone that knows me knows that,” said Carpenter

For now, you’ll find Sabrina’s Sweet Tooth available online for $9.95 (travel sizes). But she plans to expand this fall to larger sizes, capping prices at $49 for 75 milliliters. So expect to eventually find Sweet Tooth on Amazon, or at Walgreens, among other stores.

Expectations are high for sales, some expecting upwards of $15 million in its initial year. The combination of celebrity influence and economical pricing is sure to generate interest and hype.

For now, we don’t have Sweet Tooth samples. But follow our site on social media (Facebook, Instagram), sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll let you know when we get them in. 

Sabrina has other beauty products, including facial creams.

Celebrity perfumes are all the rage these days. Ariana Grande has proven that consumers enjoy creating a connection with their idols via a scent. The trend likely continues, for better and for worse.