Two Major Perfume Companies Fine For Illegal Dumping

Two major perfume manufacturers are under fire after discharging toxic waste into a public sewer system. This probably smells like a bad story. Well sadly, it is. And yes, pun absolutely intended.

Givaudan Singapore and Takasago International are the culprits in creating the stink, if you will, and now they’ll pay a hefty fine.

The toxic disposal occurred at the Jurong Water Reclamation Plant. 

“Sludge from oil interceptors is classified as toxic industrial waste and must be collected for proper disposal by licensed toxic industrial waste collectors.

“Both companies had also discharged trade effluent containing prohibited substances from their premises into the public sewerage system,” PUB said

The infractions were discovered early last year. Mr. Maurice Neo, director of Singapore’s PUB’s Water Reclamation Network, was none too thrilled with either company.

“Illegal discharges of toxic industrial waste into our sewers are irresponsible acts that can disrupt the used water treatment process at the Water Reclamation Plants, and endanger the health and safety of our workers maintaining the system,” he stated. 

From time to time, Perfume companies have been criticized for environmental concerns. For example, one study found that the use of scented products emits similar amounts of vapors as cars. 

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Givaudan officially opened up its Singapore facility back in 2015 and until now, it’s been nothing but a success.

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