“Vabbing” Perfumes Is Every Reason to Delete TikTok

I’m not much for social media. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy keeping up with old friends and absorbing the latest in perfume industry news. But overall, social media feels as if it’s primary job is to shock and spread a delirious amount of misinformation. The latest in social media bizarrfest comes straight from TikTok. Some TikTok users are claiming that perfume worn on the vagina helps attract partners.

Um, that’s not how any of this works, TikTok.

Some TikTok users claim they are wearing perfume on their vaginas as a way to boost sexual attraction via vaginal secretions. If you currently have the TikTok app and are considering deleting it straight away and not finishing this article, I don’t blame you.

vabbing perfumes

The trend is referred to as “Vabbing.” Some users who began the trend have since deleted their videos. What’s interesting is that vabbing dates back to 2019 when Refinery29 published a sex doctor’s article on the subject. So I guess we can’t blame TikTok entirely, although, I’m more comfortable doing so.

The idea revolves around the pheromone logic. If pheromones can boost our attractiveness, then rubbing these scents on our vaginal areas could boost it even more. That’s the logic. The flaws, of course, are glaring.

Let’s have a look for ourselves, shall we? Don’t worry, it’s all safe for your work (other than a coworker assuming you dig the vabbing).

@mrbetyoudidntknow Pheromone perfume… #perfume #biology #foryou #fyp #body #weird ♬ original sound – MrBetYouDidntKnow
@palesamoon ♬ original sound – Palesa Moon

Doctors aren’t thrilled that these TikTok videos are gobbling up views upwards of 13 million. They believe the practice of vabbing is unsafe, for obvious reasons. You shouldn’t put fragrances on your private parts, folks, that’s just bad form.

“All of us have microbes all over the body, including the vagina. Which is why, we also tell people not to use vaginal washes,” Dr Uma Vaidyanathan of Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, said.

“So, please leave the orifices as they are,” she added, explaining that the fluids exist for a reason, but it does not involve using them as fragrances. “The concept of pheromones exists in animals! But, we are an evolved species. All of these [trends] have no scientific basis at all. If one maintains their personal hygiene, they will anyway come across as confident and that will attract people,” she continued.

Folks, listen to doctors and keep the perfumes away from your privates. And if you considered spraying down your privates with perfume, maybe delete TikTok while you are at it.