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Partners Program Thanks for your interest in our MicroPerfumes.com Partners Program.

MicroPerfumes.com would like to offer you the opportunity to earn commission income for the visitors you refer to our site that complete a purchase.

This program presents an amazing opportunity for you to earn revenue and to offer your visitors an easy-to-sell, highly sought after product. By promoting the MicroPerfumes products, your visitors will now have the ability to purchase genuine brand name fragrances at very steep discounts.

You can promote our offerings within your content via textual links such as product reviews, blog posts, social media channels and other approved methods.

Affiliates can also promote the site via traditional banner ads and approved email marketing campaigns.

In order to provide our affiliates with the best tools and traffic tracking, we have partnered the internet's top affiliate program, The Rakuten Affiliate Network.

If you are interested in participating in our Partners Program, please visit Rakuten here.

Getting started is simple and free. Once you register with Rakuten you will be able to start earning easy commissions by selecting our posted offer. The Rakuten Affiliate Network will automatically maintain, manage, and track all transactions completed as a result of links from your site, sending monthly statements and commission payments due to you.

If you have any specific questions regarding The Rakuten Affiliate Network, please contact Rakuten at uspubsupport@rakuten.com.

If you have any questions or comments for MicroPerfumes.com, please contact us at here.

Please read below for further information on our Partners Program & Rakuten. Is there a cost? Rakuten is free for site owners, so you will not have to pay for using this service. What do I have to do? The Rakuten Affiliate Network is responsible for tracking and calculating the commissions that are owed to you. Using their patent pending Referral Tracking and Payment (RTP) technology, The Rakuten Affiliate Network will monitor all users who leave your site to visit a participating merchant.

The Rakuten Affiliate Network does not take any personal information or credit cards from the user, so user's privacy is maintained. How does it work? Directions for using Rakuten's Affiliate Network can be found at the Rakuten Web site. The system is simple to learn and easy to use. Rakuten tracks each user from the moment they click on a link to MicroPerfumes.com from your site to the completion of a purchase transaction.

Through a secure connection with the merchant's server all pertinent information from the sale is forwarded to The Rakuten Affiliate Network. All this information is then compiled at The Rakuten Affiliate Network. MicroPerfumes.com will take the order, complete the sale, supply the product, handle the customer service, and bill the customer. Why is MicroPerfumes.com using the Rakuten Affiliate Network? As an affiliate marketer, you can feel confident that your traffic and commissions will be accurately tracked by Rakuten, one of the most well respected and established networks in the industry.

The Rakuten Affiliate Marketing staff provides ample support and feedback to registered publishers to ensure you are armed with the best tools to build your sales channel online with MicroPerfumes.

They will provide you with a monthly statement indicating your total earnings as well as a detailed breakdown of your sales including products sold, order amounts, etc. How do you earn commissions? By joining the MicroPerfumes.com Partners Program, we will pay you a percentage of all the sales that you help us to complete.

All traffic that results in a completed purchase transaction will be credited to your Rakuten account and you will be paid for your earnings on a monthly basis.

To register with The Rakuten Affiliate Network and participate in the MicroPerfumes.com Partners Program, please go here. Any questions, E-mail Rakuten at: uspubsupport@rakuten.com.