Hermes 24 Faubourg: A Scent of Elegance and Sophistication

It’s not a perfume you hear all that much about. But did you know that 24 Faubourg was Princess Diana’s go-to scent? If that doesn’t elevate your curiosity, we aren’t sure what will. Hermes 24 Faubourg encapsulates the mediterranean with it’s floral and amber notes. Created in 1996, this sensual experience hasn’t dominated advertising and popularity, but it’s a wonderful scent that refined, classy, and sophisticated. Some might even call it a little provocative. It also makes a wonderful gift.

If you don’t dig fragrance reviews, we get it. The good news is, we have 24 Faubourg samples. So feel free to pick some up and give the scent a try in your real life. Otherwise, check out our 24 Faubourg review to learn more.

24 Faubourg Review Basics

24 Faubourg review box and bottle

Maurice Roucel is the French perfumer (nose) behind the creation of 24 Faubourg. He has over 200 fragrances under his legendary name, including many prestigious brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Calvin Klein. Roucel is best known for his innovative approach in his techniques, often amounting to forward thinking concepts. His fragrances are often described as being sensual, luxurious, and sophisticated.

And this fits perfectly with 24 Faubourg.

In the opener, we mentioned 24 Faubourg’s association with Princess Diana. Her butler, Paul Burrell, said that she loved the way it smelled “elegant and sophisticated.”

Princess Diana felt 24 Faubourg made her feel confident and glamorous.

24 Faubourg is a long-lasting fragrance. Princess Diana could wear it all day without reapplying, something likely important given her difficult schedule. While 24 Faubourg isn’t an overly popular fragrance, Princess Diana’s association with it has long served to inspire people’s curiosity over it.

The bottle of 24 Faubourg is a square shape with sexy curved edges. The box is made of black cardboard and is embossed with the Hermes logo. The inside of the box is a white silk with a bed of white cotton. 24 Faubourg’s packaging embodies luxury making it a perfect gift choice.

What Does 24 Faubourg Smell Like?

24 Faubourg is a complex and sophisticated fragrance. At the same time, it’s sensual and elegant. You’ll pick up on a blend of floral and woody notes.

The top notes are hyacinth, orange blossom, and ylang-ylang. This is where you get the floral vibes.

We find the sweetness in the middle notes which are jasmine, gardenia, and iris.

The base notes are amber, sandalwood, and patchouli, which give the fragrance a warm and sensual aroma.

The opening is bright and uplifting. We’d call it energetic. You’ll catch a citrusy freshness. The warmer, more exotic experience comes shortly after as the middle notes fill in. he patchouli is more subtle, but it does offer a tinge of earthiness that balances out the experience.

24 Faubourg is a very feminine aroma. Its complexity offers longevity and depth. It is a perfect choice for a woman who wants to make a statement.

Final Notes

A fragrance created not just for a Princess, 24 Faubourg is a feminine, sensual scent that last throughout the day. There’s a freshness, but it’s not antiseptic at all. Some might call it an intoxicating scent. If you are not sure if 24 Faubourg is right for you, we recommend that you try it out before you buy it.