Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone: A Fragrance Review

We love our gourmand scents. And Ginger Biscuit by Jo Malone certainly qualifies as one of our top gourmand scents. Think warm and spicy, fall and into winter, and you’re off to a delightful and enticing start to our Ginger Biscuit review. We’ll discuss the basics behind Ginger Biscuit, as well as what it smells like, the notes that drive it’s scent, and where you might find samples.

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit: What to Know

jo malone ginger biscuit fragrance bottle and box

Jo Malone is known for creating high-quality, sophisticated fragrances. But also, the company often sources scents from, let’s just say, unexpected sources. In Ginger Biscuit, we find yet another dazzling case of this. I mean, who’d have desired smelling of ginger biscuits before Jo Malone concocted this wonder? Probably no one.

Despite the name and source of the scent, Ginger Biscuit, much like all Jo Malone fragrances, reflects a luxurious experience.

Ginger Biscuit has a bold reputation for it’s amazing silage and amazing longevity. In other words, its scent radiates and it also last well into the evening, even if you applied it in the morning. Ginger Biscuit is a cozy, gourmand wonder.

The Packaging

Understated luxury is the overall description of Ginger Biscuit’s packaging, which arrives in a cream-colored box with black accents. The fragrance is housed in a simple, yet sophisticated glass bottle. Its modern and timeless packaging makes it a versatile gift option for that special someone. Its reflective of Jo Malone’s typical cream colored packaging, which many people will recognize immediately. A black and cream bowtie rest upon the cap.

What Does Ginger Biscuit Smell Like?

The warm, comforting scent profile is reminiscent of freshly baked ginger biscuits. While that may sound odd, it works very well.

The Opening

By way of it’s two top notes, ginger hits immediately with a distinctive kick. You’d expect this given the name. And you get it. There’s also nutmeg tucked into the top notes which adds the warmth.

The Middle

The main body is composed of cinnamon and hazelnut. The cinnamon keeps the warmth going but also adds in a woody, maybe sweet complexion while the hazelnut allows for a nutty quality.

The Finish

The base notes include caramel and vanilla, a defined and sweet departure from where we typically find earthy scents. This helps Ginger Biscuit continue on with it’s sweet and cozy vibes.

The overall effect of these notes is a warm, spicy-sweet fragrance that captures the essence of ginger biscuits.

Final Notes

Jo Malone Ginger Biscuit is a warm and cozy experience that’s perfect for fall weather. It’s packaging reflects a luxury and sophistication, making it a great gift option. It’s use of sweet notes in the base helps Ginger Biscuit maintain a sweet scent profile throughout the evening. It last a long time and has ample silage.

That said, we currently don’t have Ginger Biscuit samples. We do have Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Intense samples, though. While this is a wonderful option, it’s not entirely similar. But the good news is you’re only in for a sample.