New Look 2024: A Modern Twist on Dior’s Timeless Elegance

When it comes to Christian Dior fragrances, there are many staples which come to mind. Dior Sauvage is probably the most popular. As with any Dior fragrance, the marketing and attention will garner a lot of use. New Look 2024 is the latest and greatest from the brand. It’s intended as a bold and elegant scent that models itself after Christian Dior’s 1947 fashion.

But does New Look 2024 live up to the hype?

About New Look 2024

New Look 2024 bottle

Renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian created New Look 2024 in, yes, 2024, as a unisex amber perfume. This scent is a part of the upscale La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrance series. It is modeled after Christian Dior’s Bar suit from 1947.

So wait, what’s a Bar suit?

Well, it’s a piece of fashion history, for starters. It was unveiled by Christian Dior in 1947 under the New Look collection. It’s particularly notable for its silhouette, featuring a “nipped-in” waist, padded hips and a full skirt. It creates a sort of hourglass shape. It’s elegant, bold, and dramatic. The Bar suit in many ways symbolized post-war feminism.

With that said, New Look 2024 seeks to embody bold and dramatic, but through the olfactory senses.

Let’s begin with the New Look 2024 bottle.

The bottle features a sleek design, which in aligned with the Bar suit fashion it is modeled after. Its white labeling rest over an off-white slender bottle. It’s simple, elegant, and minimalist in design, making it a classy inclusion for a special gift.

What Does New Look 2024 Smell Like?

In the top notes, we find aldehydes. Aldehydes are known for their clean and soapy qualities, which leads to an airy, metallic fragrance. This causes New Look 2024 to open with a burst of freshness.

In the middle, we find frankincense. Frankincense is a resin derived from the Boswellia tree which features deep, aromatic and spicy characteristics. This shuttles New Look 2024 into a warm and rich profile following the fresh opening.

At the base, we find amber which adds new layers of warm and sweet that tends to linger on the skin. It also adds depth and a lingering sensuality to the fragrance, rounding out the experience with a touch of luxury.

New Look 2023 opens as fresh before it unfolds into a warm, rich, and luxurious experience that’s heavily sensual. This composition is designed to be a universal eau de parfum, appealing to both women and men.

Final Notes

Refreshing, warm, and highly sensual – New Look 2024 uses the inspiration of Dior’s famous Bar jacket and creates bold, invigorating scent experience. It’s luxurious and classy and elegant. A with anything Dior, we always expect quality and a longer lasting sillage.