Tonka Peach: Gallagher Fragrances Latest Gourmand Beauty

Tonka Peach is a new gourmand scent created by Gallagher Fragrances. It exudes warmth, comfort, and a distinct desert aroma. Like most gourmand fragrances, Tonka Peach is sweet and reminiscent of a luxury bakery. It reminds us of some famous desert stops we’ve visited in New Orleans. It’s a very inviting scent and although it opens sweet, the Gallagher’s make sure it achieves a sense of balance.

If you enjoy gourmand fragrances, stick around, you’ll probably enjoy this brand new one. And we’re happy to introduce you to a growing independent perfume house that’s sure to impress many of you scent savants.

Tonka Peach is part of the Pearlescent Collection, which is a collaboration between perfumer Daniel Gallagher and wife, Mindy. Daniel is the nose who created the fragrance while Mindy runs the creative portion. Mindy was a driving force behind introducing a more unisex, feminine aspect to the line. The collaboration has turned Gallagher Fragrances into one of the top independent fragrance houses around.

Tonka Peach was inspired by Mindy’s father’s home. For Mindy, memories of peach cobbler during her visits inspired Tonka Peach’s central scent experience. Mindy hopes the scent evokes memories of your favorite gatherings.

The Tonka Peach bottle is a gorgeous off white that appears classic in design. The orange block top almost appears as luxury granite.

What Does Tonka Peach Smell Like?

The fragrance opens with a burst of peach. You’ll likely think peach cobbler right way which is the perfumer’s intention. Blackcurrant is used to balance the highly sweet peachy experience.

As the middle sets in, tonic beans emerge and add a distinct layer of warmth. This is the part of Tonka Peach that feels very late fall, or mid-winter. It’s very holiday’sh. There’s caramel nuances that swirl around the peach notes that make Tonka Peach feel overtly decadent.

In the base, there’s a floral touch and some sandalwood and patchouli that helps bring some earthiness to Tonka Peach.

Top Notes:

  • Juicy Peaches
  • Tart Blackcurrant

Mid Notes:

  • Sweet Tonka Bean
  • Delicate Rose Water
  • Powdery Iris
  • Neroli

Base Notes:

  • Sandalwood
  • Earthy Patchouli
  • Comforting Puff Pastry

Tonka Peach is a versatile fragrance that really shines during the winter months. It’s super cozy and channels your warm embrace vibes to all around. But as we’ve written, choosing a seasonal scent isn’t cut and dry.

Final Notes

Tonka Peach is a potent gourmand scent that’s well-balanced and pretty versatile, although we do personally consider it a great holiday option due to its warmth and peach cobbler vibes. That said, Tonka Peach is suitable for most occasions. Its delicious blend of juicy peaches, sweet tonka bean, and comforting puff pastry is sure to inspire happiness for all those who surround you.