Beyond Scent: Unveiling PHLUR’s Mood Ring Eau de Parfum

PHLUR’s Mood Ring Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that’s garnered a lot of attention for it’s unique concept and composition. Its a brand known for its innovative approach to perfumery, as well as its sustainability.

Let’s have a deeper look in our Mood Ring review.

PHLUR Mood Ring Eau de Parfum: Review Basics

Mood Ring is a transformative scent, but not just by the way it smells. Mood rings are jewelry that change colors in response to our bodies temperatures which is said to reflect our emotional states. Mood Ring Eau de Parfum is said to capture this spirit.

PHLUR as a company emphasizes sustainability both in packaging and in ingredients. The brand is transparent about its formulates and makes a big effort to avoid harmful chemicals and allergens that are often found in typical perfumes.

Mood Ring Eau de Parfum is likely to appeal to people who seek an ethical shopping lifestyle and desire a perfume sensory experience.

Bottle and Packaging

The Mood Ring Eau de Parfum bottle and packaging embraces a minimalist appeal, while also maintaining environmental responsibility. The packaging uses recylced materials. The packaging as a whole really catches your attention.

The box is sleek and reflects PHLUR’s signature aesthetics.

The bottle uses recycled glass and is comfortable to hold. Its made to appear transformative just like you’d expect from a mood ring.

Being honest, “mood rings” do sound cheap or something you’d expect a teen to buy, but that’s not what is going on here. Instead, Mood Ring embraces sophistication and high-quality.

What Does Mood Ring Smell Like?

With a fresh and uplifting opening that is intended to enhance your mood, Mood Ring also offers complexity and depth. The base of the scent is warm and sensual and last a long time. Mood Ring is a versatile scent. PHLUR intends for Mood Ring to be an experience, and it feels like they nailed it.

Top Notes:

  • Bergamot: A fresh and citrusy smell that feels bright and uplifting.
  • Green Leaves: Smells like fresh-cut grass or leaves, giving a sense of freshness and new starts.

Middle (Heart) Notes:

  • Jasmine Sambac: A rich and exotic floral scent, adding depth and a touch of mystery.
  • Violet: A soft and slightly sweet floral smell, creating a sense of change and complexity.
  • Aquatic Notes: Fresh and clean, like the smell of water, adding a feeling of fluidity.

Base Notes:

  • Patchouli: A deep and earthy smell that gives the fragrance a solid foundation.
  • Amber: Warm and cozy, making the scent feel comforting and secure.
  • Musk: A smooth and subtle smell that adds a touch of elegance and personal connection.

Final Notes

If you’re into environmentally conscious perfume makers and appreciate sensual scent experiences, Mood Ring may well be for you. Its a powerful, long lasting scent that’s pretty packaging and ethically friendly company make you feel good about things as a whole.