Discovering Modern Alternatives to Beloved Discontinued Scents

Ah, the discontinued scent. Sometimes, we may not even notice that a scent was discontinued. That’s because we never cared about the scent, hence, why it was possibly let go from production. But other times, a scent we truly love catches the wrath of the ax and we can’t wrap our heads around why.

Going down memory lane on fragrances is sometimes for nostalgia purposes. Other times, its because we yearn for a similar replacement that can fill the void. Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered in today’s blog about popular discontinued fragrances.

So, we’ve got 4 scents that the fragrance house stopped producing in mind.

Gucci Envy (1997)

gucci envy

This floral fragrance was an icon of its era. Gucci Envy leveraged the powerful blend of hyacinth, magnolia, lily, jasmine, and iris along with some musk and “woodyness.” Many people were upset over Gucci discontinuing it.

Its discontinuation is attributed to changes in Gucci’s overall brand direction and what consumers wanted. Although, some might debate that latter half. The early 2000s saw many fashion houses revamping their fragrance lines to build new identities and cater to more trends. This left Envy out of place, at least that’s how Gucci saw it.

The 1997 commercial began with “we all want what we can’t have.” Well, now that’s literally the case.

Similar scent: Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche – A fresh, floral scent that captures some of the green and floral elegance of Envy

Yves Saint Laurent M7 (2002)


M7 was bold for it’s time. In fact, it was flat out groundbreaking. Known for intense warm notes that conveyed passion and desire, it was a daring composition of wood and amber and vetiver.

Its discontinuation may have been due to it not resonating with a broad enough audience to justify production costs. It was quietly removed and the brand changed strategic focuses following.

Similar scent: Tom Ford Oud Wood – Offers a rich, warm blend of oud, spices, and woods, reflecting M7’s style.

Christian Dior Midnight Poison (2007)

midnight poison

Modern. Mysterious. I mean, with a name like Midnight Poison, who wouldn’t think these things. The only odd part in Midnight Poison is that its name and bottle design feel more 80s than 2000s. There’s a cinderella vibe not just in the name, but in the commercial campaigns Dior ran to promote the fragrance.

No one entirely knows why it was pulled. Some believe Dior wanted to consolidate efforts and emphasize newer, fresher, and more popular scents. But alas, we miss you Midnight Poison!

Similar scent: Lancôme La Nuit Trésor – A modern, seductive fragrance with notes of rose, vanilla orchid, and papyrus that’s very similar to the Midnight Poison you yearn for.

Ralph Lauren Safari for Women (1990)

safari by ralph lauren

Safari is so 90s. This warm, floral fragrance used black currant, orange, jasmine, and sandalwood to inspire your next outdoor adventure. It was a rich and sophisticated scent.

In the 2000s, consumers began to desire lighter more minimalist scents that wasn’t reflected in Safari’s rich scent profile. Hence, it got the ax.

Wanna go back to the 90s?

Get in, let’s ride.

Similar scent: Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess – Captures the warm, adventurous spirit of Safari with its blend of bergamot, warm amber, Tiare flower, and vanilla. This one may capture the essence of Safari for you.