Dolly Parton Launches Celebrity Perfume

The famous country singer and “9 to 5” star launched a new fragrance. The launch could inspire a revitalization of the celebrity fragrance market, which has remained stagnant over the past few years.

Parton’s perfume, called “Dolly — Scent From Above,” hinted at releasing the perfume during a Superbowl ad. The legendary singer partnered with Edge Beauty in creating the fragrance.

The Internet is all abuzz with Parton’s new perfume. Youtube fragrance reviews have requested perfume samples of the fragrance and subsequently posted reviews.

Samples of Parton’s “Scent from Above” are available on the singer’s fragrance website.

Parton describes her perfume as a “playful floral” featuring fruited notes. Mandarin, black currant, and pear dominate the fragrance’s scent profile. In addition, you’ll catch some sandalwood aroma at the base of the profile.

“Scent from Above” can be described as a fruity, easy-to-wear perfume that fits nearly all occasions. The fragrance is based on Dolly Parton’s scent profile over the years, including perfumes, makeup, lotions, etc.

In the end, Parton’s perfume is another floral fragrance much like the many that exist on the market today. That’s not asserting it’s bad in an ordinary way. Instead, it’s worth sampling if you enjoy floral-inspired perfume lines. As we all know, subtle differences between floral fragrances offer unique experiences for individual desires.

In the end, the fragrance is new to the marketplace and we can’t say whether or not it will stand up to the test of time. As we know, sometimes time isn’t so kind to fragrances. And that’s often the key in long-term success rates.