Soothing Elegance: A Review of Jo Malone Chamomile & Honey Cologne

As a renowned British perfume brand, Jo Malone is known for luxury and elegance. In Chamomile & Honey Cologne, we find all that plus a bedtime slumber aspect. Yes, Chamomile & Honey, as the name suggest, is a perfect bedtime fragrance. Chamomile & Honey cologne is a part of Jo Malone’s limited-edition collection, which is known for capturing the essence of tranquility and comfort in a bottle.

Let’s review this scent so you can determine if it’s a perfume sample you’d like to try.

Chamomile & Honey Cologne Review: The Basics

Because Jo Malone emphasizes the brand as a whole rather than individual perfumers, we aren’t entirely sure who the nose behind this one is. As a brand, Jo Malone aligns with sophistication. With Chamomile & Honey, they add in a tranquility and serenity.

Jo Malone typically offers their colognes in several standard sizes and prices. Commonly, you can find them in:

  • 30 ml (1.0 oz) bottles usually range from $75 to $85 USD.
  • 100 ml (3.4 oz) bottles are generally priced around $145 to $155 USD.

The unique and seasonal ingredients featuring chamomile and honey are a large factor in the “limited edition” designation. For those seeking a unique Jo Malone experience, particularly in the realm of bedtime scent offerings, this one is a great option.

One thing we’ll say about Chamomile & Honey is that its not overly popular. That might be due to its simplicity. But it never took off the way many other Jo Malone fragrances do. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a home on your fragrance shelf.

Let’s break down the scent.

What Does Chamomile & Honey Smell Like?

The opening is calm and gentle, thanks in large part to the chamomile note. You might catch peaceful garden or soothing tea vibes right away. As the fragrance develops on the skin, the rise of warmth and sweetness is ushered in by the honey. During the dry down, the base notes of musk and soft woods provide depth and staying power.

Top Notes

There is only a single top note and that’s chamomile. Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing properties as it provides a gentle and slightly herbal and maybe even a tinge of floral opening. It sets the mood which is a big reason we feel its a great late evening wear.

Middle Notes

Enter the honey. As the scent unfolds, honey emerges which brings a rich and warm comforting vibe. The honey adds a layer of depth and a bit of a gourmand scent profile.

Base Notes

The base notes of the Chamomile & Honey Cologne likely include a blend of subtle woody or musky elements to provide a lasting foundation. These notes help to ground the lighter top and heart notes, ensuring the fragrance has longevity and evolves smoothly on the skin.

The Final Notes

While this isn’t one of Jo Malone’s more popular fragrances, its use as a bedtime fragrance can’t be understated. In fact, its one of the top bedtime scents. Its soothing and calming and simplistic. It may not become your Gala wear or anything like that, but you may find a spritz right before you lay down in bed does the trick.