Jo Malone London’s Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense Review

Renowned for captivating and mysterious fragrances, Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense collection doesn’t stray from the companies deeply personal takes on scents. One of the standouts in this collection is undoubtedly Jasmine Sambac & Marigold, a fragrance that seeks to make you feel as though your browsing flowers in a flower market in India. Check out or Jasmine Sambac & Marigold review, particularly if you into bedtime scents.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Review Basics

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold was created by Mathilde Bijaoui, a renowned nose who also created the famous Pasha de Cartier.

Bijaoui has worked with several Jo Malone fragrances including Honeysuckle & Davana as well as Myrrh & Tonka. In Jasmine Sambac & Marigold, Bijaoui sought to create a fragrance that captured the essence and vibrancy of a flower market in India. This has equally served as an intoxicating scent that many people love to apply before bedtime.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold was launched in 2018.

As a general rule of thumb, Jo Malone is known for its elegant yet minimalist packaging. Jasmine Sambac & Marigold is no exception to this. The features a cream-colored label bearing the fragrance name and the Jo Malone logo. The fragrance itself is housed in a clear, rectangular bottle with clean lines and a simple black cap. The black cap is a bit astray from the rest of the collection which features all silver caps.

The overall design is understated by sophisticated, making it a great gift or a luxurious personal treat.

The packaging makes it a wonderful gift idea that could be romantic, or not. The packaging can offer diverse messaging.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold is a versatile fragrance that can be worn by both men and women. Its really a evening wear experience as its pretty heavy and may feel gaudy for daytime use.

What Does Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Smell Like?

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold smells like a bouquet of flowers. There’s a warm sweetness and a touch of spice throughout.

The opening is a burst of sunny marigold which gives way to rich jasmine sambac, the core of the scent experience.

As the fragrance develops, the warm base of vanilla and benzoin emerges which adds depth and longevity to the experience.

Overall, Jo Malone and perfumer Bijaoui leverage relatively few notes to create this powerful fragrance.

Top Note: Marigold

Heart Note: Jasmine Sambac

Base Note: Benzoin

It should be noted, many people claim to catch a strong honey fragrance from it, but its not officially listed as a note.

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold has excellent longevity and sillage. Meaning it will last a long time, and also, it’s going to radiate away from you leaving a beautiful scent trail wherever you go. This is also why we don’t recommend it as a daytime wear, it may project a bit too much.

Final Notes

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold is perfect for anyone who loves floral scents with a touch of warmth and spice. It is also a great choice for those who are looking for a fragrance that is both unique and sophisticated. The sweet, warm and simplistic scent experience is also a great wear at bedtime. The packaging is sophisticated, luxurious and sleek, making it a wonderful gift idea.

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