Super Unusual Perfumes You’ve Never Heard Of

You’re probably not looking for a bizarre scent. But maybe you’re curious what some of the most unusual perfumes in the world are. At least, we hope you are, otherwise, why are you sniffing around this place?

So alas, we delve into an enigmatic and sometimes shadowy corner of scent creation where the oddball fragrances are revered. We’re here for the extraordinary and unconventional without any shame at all.

Let’s celebrate the unusual.

In many cases, these scents are either foul, or smell like that of real life happenings that dont’ really belong on our skin.

So why on earth would anyone choose to wear any of this stuff?

Well, there’s reasons.

Personal Expression

Fragrances can identify with a deeply personal being. They capture moods and identity. It can be a form of olfactory rebellion against conventional scents.

Artistic Appreciation

For some, perfume is more of a wearable art, sort of like a tattoo. And in this case, the unusual scent is a taboo experience that wearers may see as creativity that evokes a response.

Conversation Starters

Although we can think of a whole lot of better ways to spark a conversation without wearing a weird smell, some might see it as a surefire way to provoke some conversation.


A scent may remind someone of an endearing time in their lives.

Mood Enhancements

Hey, some folks dig horror flicks because it makes them feel good. The same can be said for sad songs. Some of these scents may paint an emotional landscape for people.

Here’s a list of fragrances sure to fall into at lease some of the above categories in some way, shape, or form.

Etat Libre d’Orange Secretions Magnifiques

Etat Libre d'Orange Secretions Magnifiques

This one is pretty infamous for smelling hideous, so we thought it a good fit for the lead. Its supposed to smell like bodily fluids. I mean, its difficult to imagine who’d be into this. But the world is a big place, friends. Its pretty pungent and offensive. This perfume may start off as if its not too bad, but within moments, it will take you down. We would like to think this is a joke or gag gift and it probably is the majority of folks, but also, not to everyone. It truly smells like that of the worst bodily fluids, as advertised.

Demeter Fragrance Library – Lobster

demeter lobster perfume

Demeter is famous for creating scents that reflect that of real world smells. Which of course, aren’t the smells we commonly want rising from our skin. In this case, lobster. Yes, lobster is what you’ll smell like. The essence of shellfish. A sweet marine scent that will get you fired (eventually) from your job.

The Zoo – Club Design

I mean, with a name like “The Zoo,” and from what you’ve already read in the above sections, your expectations should be exactly on point right now.

Sort of.

This one smells like a nightclub. And leather. Think of vodka, lime, smoke, and leather. Just a typical hedonistic night out on the town for none of us.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – Dorian


This unusual and complex blend is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Its sophisticated (the good part) and morbid (hopefully, the not so good part for most of our readers). This scent conjures up themes in the novel, such as eternal beauty, amorality, and psychological complexity. In case you’re wondering, historical novel themes don’t smell great. So there’s that.

Smell Bent – Zombie

Designed to recreate the smell of the undead, this scent is a mix of earth, moss, mildew, and a hint of meaty decay. It’s definitely not your typical perfume. This is more for the freak in people. We aren’t sure we have that sort of freak soul cellars, though.

Final Notes

The world is full of unusual people. And there is clearly no lack of unusual fragrances for those people. Its not for everyone, but hey, we hope you found this article interesting. If you’re into awesome smelling perfumes, try one of our perfume samples.