Taylor Swift’s New Perfume Fav? We Got Samples.

Taylor Swift rules the world. That’s a seemingly uncontested opinion anymore. She’s iconic. And as has been put on full display as of late, her dating life is all anyone wants to know about.

Some of that’s hyperbole, but that’s OK; it’s also not far off from the truth. Taylor’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has everyone wanting more Taylor than ever. But she’s not only elevating the NFL as a brand, she’s also pumping up her favorite, getting fans pumped about her favorite perfume.

Even better, we’ve got samples.

Taylor’s favorite perfume is Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. We have a Flowerbomb review for those interested, as well Flowerbomb samples.  

Now, Taylor does have her very own capsule fragrance collection. But of course, she’s not a basic girl; her style can’t be contained to only one brand, even if the brand is her own.

In years past, Taylor reportedly gravitated towards Tom Ford’s Santal Blush

Taylor’s fashion always comes under the microscope because this girl can move markets. If Taylor blesses it, well, her massive fan base is likely to try it.

At the recent record-cold Dolphins vs. Chiefs playoff game, fans spotted Taylor donning a Kristin Juszczyk-created puffer jacket. Now, everyone wants one. 

Hey, we all desire to smell like Taylor Swift; we just have to come to terms with that.