Understanding Perfume Dupes: Smelling Luxurious for Less

We understand that perfumes and fragrances can take a bite out of our pocketbooks. Perfumes are often pretty expensive, particularly in the brand name world. It’s a big reason we offer perfume samples which help blunt a lot of that and lower the consumer’s risk in buying a full bottle. But alas, if snagging a perfume sample isn’t your jam, you might consider finding perfume dupes, or economical perfumes that imitate big box fragrances.

In today’s blog, we’ll break down how to find some amazing perfume dupes.

If you want to smell like a million bucks, but pay pennies, you’ve found the right article. It is possible to find budget-friendly fragrances that seem like the real deal.

In case you don’t know, a “dupe” is a perfume with a similar scent profile to a high-end fragrance, but at a significantly lower price point.

Why Consider Perfume Dupes?

If you’re really into saving money, well, buying a perfume dupe is an obvious way to do so. But there are other reasons. For example, maybe you’re really into fragrances and want to experiment outside the mainstream perfume box.

But it’s not all fair weather. Before you take the dive into a perfume dupes expedition, its important to understand the potential downsides so you can better choose cost-saving products.

The Downside to Perfume Dupes

We’d be remiss to not mention the many downsides to purchasing a perfume dupe.

While some dupes do come impressively close to the real thing, they often fail in complexity and longevity. As we’ve explained in our guide to perfume longevity blog, the time a fragrance last actually contributes to the ultimate cost. If you have to spray a perfume dupe twice daily, but the name brand only once, you must account for that in pricing. Even a well-made dupe might have slight differences from the original. If you’ve fallen in love with the precise balance of a specific designer fragrance, a dupe might not be an exact replacement. These minor differences can be more noticeable for very discerning noses.

And then there are ethical considerations like how the perfume is made. Economical perfumes, in some cases, may not utilize sustainable or ethical practices. Sustainable perfumes commonly cost more for a reason.

Many dupes are lower quality, but not all. Its important to distinguish how much loss of quality you’re willing to accept in exchange for savings.

Lastly, buying a perfume dupe doesn’t support the original creator.

Where to Find Perfume Dupes

Here’s a list of places to discover perfume dupes. Remember, it might take you some time, but the savings should make up for the expedition’s efforts.

Specialized Online Retailers

  • Dossier.co Known for a wide selection of dupes at very affordable prices.
  • The Oil Perfumery Focuses on oil-based dupes, often offering increased longevity.
  • ALT Fragrances Provides a mix of dupes and unique original fragrances.

Drugstores & Discount Stores

  • Check the fragrance sections of stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, or even TJ Maxx and Marshalls. You might be surprised by hidden gems.

High-Street Brands

  • Zara Often has perfumes remarkably similar to popular scents.
  • H&M Occasionally carries fragrances with designer-inspired vibes.

Online Marketplaces

  • Etsy Handmade and indie perfumers sometimes create fantastic dupes.
  • eBay Be cautious, but you can occasionally find well-regarded dupes on eBay.

Perfume Dupes and Influencers

There’s some great online content that supports helping people find awesome dupes. We’d suggest these pieces:

Smelling amazing on a budget is absolutely possible. But as a reminder, pay attention to the potential downsides we listed above that may take away from the overall savings. Of critical importance is the perfume’s longevity. If you have to spray it three times as much as the brand it imitates, you may not be winning in cost.