Exploring TikTok’s Influence on the Perfume Industry

TikTok is a social media platform known for its short-form videos that are typically 15 seconds to 3 minutes in duration. It’s super popular among the younger demographics which has made it highly sought after by advertisers looking to increase their brand’s visibility. Because TikTok is so influential, many people follow it to learn more about fragrances and perfumes.

Let’s look at TikTok’s influence over the fragrance industry and dive into who’s who in the world of TikTok fragrance influencers.

TikTok and Fragrances: Why Its So Impactful

TikTok offers a dynamic and interactive way for influencers to express their thoughts, opinions, critiques and more regarding fragrances. Its a direct way for influencers and consumers to interact more directly with big fragrance brands.

One of the key components to the TikTok and fragrance relationship is without a doubt, product demonstrations and reviews. Perfume influencers can use TikTok to showcase everything from the unpackaging of a fragrance to the first spritz, all the way through to how long the fragrance lasts. Influencers can help you decide if you’d prefer a perfume sample, or an entire bottle.

But it doesn’t stop there.

TikTok has e-commerce integrations which allow fragrance brands to utilize product links in videos so that consumers can actively purchase the products videos are centered around.

TikTok is also a vast land of market research. Its immediate feedback through comments and likes/dislikes help brands better understand how well their product is being perceived by consumers. This is invaluable information that helps brands adjust advertising campaigns or develop new products which align with consumer preferences. TikTok’s user base skews towards a younger demographic, which is crucial for brands looking to establish long-term loyalty. By engaging these younger audiences where they spend a lot of their time, perfume brands can effectively influence and shape their buying habits early.

One of the most pronounced benefits of TikTok is its viral capacity. This allows independent brands who may not have infinite cash to spend to get a lot of play online.

Now, with the good comes the bad. Poor performing products can suffer for the long term. Its hyper important that your product perform well out of the gates with influencers or else it could be doomed.

Top TikTok Fragrance and Perfume Influencers

There’s no shortage of fragrance and perfume TikTok influencers. However, we can’t highlight them all. We handpicked a few that are definitely must-follow fragrance influencers that can help you both learn about the art of fragrances and discover new trends and products.

Professor Perfume

Emelia offers detailed reviews, scent knowledge, and explores the world of niche perfumery. She focuses on niche and indie perfumes and educates her followers on the art of perfumery. She’s a great personality and easy to understand.

@professorperfume I REMEMBERED!! #perfumetok #perfumetiktok #newfragrancefriday #ormondejayne #fragrancetok ♬ original sound – Emelia | Professor Perfume 🫧


Fumi is a fragrance expert known for her honest reviews, layering knowledge, and beautiful perfume displays. Focuses on both designer and niche fragrances and provides tons of expertise. She’s got extensive knowledge in the filed. Her presentations are also spot on.

@funmimonet Save or spritz: Which expensive perfumes are worth the price #perfumetiktok #bestperfumesforwomen #longlastingperfume ♬ Aesthetic Vibes – Megacreate

Jeremy Fragrance

Jeremy covers a mix of designer and niche fragrances with energetic, enthusiastic reviews. His personality really lures you into watching more and more of his content. He’s always on the cusp of fragrance trends and offers balanced opinions.

@jeremyfragrance Creed Viking Fragrance On Him #jeremyfragrance ♬ Originalton – Jeremy Fragrance

Fragrance Knowledge

Evan offers educational content, unboxings, and helps you find the best fragrance deals. Focuses on every type of perfume and fragrance imaginable. Super high energy, funny, and opinionated make for many entertaining and educational watches.

@fragranceknowledge My grandma rates the cheapest colognes on tiktok #fragranceknowledge #cologne #fragrancesformen ♬ original sound – Fragrance knowledge

TikTok holds a powerful and uncontested influence over the perfume industry and that’s mostly a good thing for consumers. Fragrance brands tend to work harder understanding that TikTok influencers, such as the ones we’ve showcased, can provide immediate, honest product break downs.