Louis Vuitton’s $5,000 Perfume Book is Insane

Louis Vuitton has a new coffee table book. But it’s hardly just for dressing up your home decor with something that sparks a little conversation. Nope, because that wouldn’t be the Louis Vuitton signature way.

The book is titled, A Perfume Atlas, and it was created alongside the creativity and ingenuity of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. For those who may not recognize the name, Belletrud is one of Louis Vuitton’s master perfumers. Oh, and he also worked with celebrities such as Rhianna, so he knows a thing or two about lavish and trendy.

In this case, readers of A Perfume Atlas will need to pay to read and sniff at the tune of $5,000. Unless you don’t want the limited-edition that includes the scent extractions, then you’re looking at a cool $160.

So what do you get for such big bucks?

Belletrud uses photography and illustrations to take the read on a trip around the world. Ingredients sourced from specific locations are leveraged throughout the journey.

A Perfume Atlas is an exclusive exploration of the world’s most precious fragrance ingredients. Join Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud on his global search for inspiration. Stunning photographs, vivid illustrations, and captivating text make this coffee table book a luxurious journey for the senses. But clearly, this all comes at a price. As mentioned, be willing to shell out a couple of mortgage payments if you want the scent experience included. Without, you’re still talking a hefty $160.

But hey, everyone spends their money different. We’re a perfume sample specialty website that’s based around saving people a bit of money on their fragrance experiences. But there’s nothing wrong with flirting with the lavish and highest-society goods, right?