CK One: A Review of a Most Nostalgic, Infamous Fragrance

Those of us who can remember the 90s certainly know of the lore of CK One. It was the go-to fragrances for men and women looking to sexy themselves up. CK One was so popular in the 90s it was a bit notorious in its own right.

If you weren’t around in the 90s, or just want to revisit that time in your life, check out our CK One review.

CK One Review – The Opening

CKO One review

Don’t get it wrong, people still wear CK One. And many of those people have worn it for decades. Its a popular, high-quality perfume. But often when we speak of CK One, we can’t help thinking of Luke from Beverly Hills 90210. Or some version of him. That’s because CK One is a nostalgic perfume that ruled over its time. It is as 1990s as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Friends.

CK One is a men and women’s fragrance.

Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas created CK One. Both are highly achieved perfumers who worked for Firmenich. Morillas won the Prix Francois Coty in 2003. Ten years later, he took home The Fragrance Foundation Lifetime Perfumer Award. Fremont, a Cannes-born perfumer, worked with various luxury fragrance brands, including Vera Wang and Juicy Couture

CK One’s bottle design embraces a plain, simplicity that exudes that artsy vibe. One might think of Warhol, but less extravagant. The bottle fits will with the famous CK One commercial line, something we will look at in a few minutes. 

But CK One is more than just 1990’s glam. It’s an authentic, high-quality fragrance beloved by many.

Keep reading to learn about CK One samples and what it smells like.

CK One Samples

MicroPerfumes carries CK One samples. You can pick up a CK One sample as a gift for your old 90s pal, or a 90s themed party, or because you you want to try it out in your daily life. Perfume samples help you gauge whether or not a specific fragrance will work for you.

What Does CK One Smell Like?


In the opening, CK One blissfully exudes lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, pineapple, papaya, and cardamon. The CK One top notes which inspire the opening, align in a complex arrangement. Not many perfumes can utilize that many notes in one layer or do it well. But CK One is known for its strong, provocative opening.

In the middle, we find Jasmine, nutmeg, violet, lily, orris root, rose, and freesia.

The base notes wrap up CK One with musk, sandalwood, cedar, green accord, oakmoss, amber, and green tea.

As you can see, Fremont and Morillas crafted one of the more complex fragrances of our time in CK One.

CK One’s opening is fresh and clean and gender neutral. There’s a spring, maybe summery vibe to it.

But let’s get into a bit of the bad.

Many people feel that modern versions of CK One aren’t near the potency of legacy days. Moreover, this isn’t a fragrance that will last you all day – but that’s always been the case.

Still, CK One reviews remain pretty positive. Those who scorn CK One typically feel it’s outdated and overworn. But a scent is a scent, and we feel CK One remains timeless.

CK One Commercials, Advertising

CK One commercials are some of the most iconic of the 1990s. The provocative, artsy commercial opens with Ginger by Lilys. Kate Moss is the most recognizable centerpiece. Moss remains proud of the zesty, black and white commercial having posted it to her YouTube account in 2016. The CK One commercial captures the essence and spirit of the 1990s like no other ad. The tight tank tops and sleek figures and sometimes abstract personalities are hallmarks of the times.

Final Notes

CK One is a timeless fragrance born in the 1990’s but applicable in our modern times. Its commercials are well-known and give rise to nostalgia for those of us old enough to remember them. It remains a great scent, although it doesn’t possess much longevity.