Loewes Launches Luxury Perfume Line

Loewe, a Louis Vuitton Spanish luxury brand best known for producing high-end leather goods, has launched a new line of perfumes. There are seven distinct perfumes in the line, all representing a unique color spectrum.

Loewes uses unique bottle designs for each of the new fragrances. 

The perfume line contains the following fragrances.

Agua, Aura, Aire, Solo, Esencia, Solo Ella, 7 & Pour Homme. 

Agua retails for $85 and uses tangerine, lilly and grapefruit notes.

Solo retails at $93 for a 50ml bottle and combines musk, Italian mandarin, and guava cumin. 

Loewe offers a number of popular fragrances, including holiday packaging and a good return policy. You can also exchange Loewes perfumes easily inside of stores. 

Loewe’s gift wrap packaging is a signature of their brand and something appreciated by consumers worldwide. The company uses a cotton cover bag and Loewe’s tissue paper as a ribbon around the box. 

Leather crafters founded Loewe in the mid-1800s in Spain. After a prominent Queen began frequenting the leather shop, Loewes was officially on the map. The brand has experienced unrivaled success for decades following, including the 1986 LVMH acquisition. LVMH now owns the rights to all Loewes products. 

Loewes is headquartered in Paris on Place Saint-Sulpice, though the company remains based in Spain. Loewes has over 100 stores worldwide. The company did nearly $350 million in revenue as late as 2018.

feature image credit: Wikipedia page CC BY 2.5