Not a Perfume by Juliette has a gun Review

What’s in a name? In our Juliette has a gun review, expect a lot of amber notes and not much smoke (funny, I know). Bizarrely, Juliette has a gun isn’t technically a perfume. Oh boy, there’s a lot to unwrap with this Not a Perfume concoction, so let’s dive in.

Juliette has a gun Review: The Basics

Juliette has a gun review

Not a Perfume launched Juliette has a gun in fall of 2010. As the name suggests, Juliette has a gun isn’t a perfume; rather, it’s a fragrant AMBROX. If you’ve never heard of this concept, it may feel a bit awkward. By combining C16 and H28 and O, you get Ambroxan. 

So, we won’t have any perfume notes to discuss.

Ambroxan chemical composition
Ambroxan chemical composition

Juliette has a gun is a perfume that strays away from traditional perfume chemistry. But it aims to achieve the same fragrant results. One of the major benefits to an Ambroxan is the lack of allergen potential. Many people experience perfume allergies, something that shouldn’t be an issue with Juliette has a gun. Even organic perfumes create allergy issues for some people. 

If you feel perplexed, don’t fret, most people don’t grasp the science in full. That’s completely OK. 

What Does Juliette has a gun Smell Like?

Upfront, expect an amber, woody scent, but within hours, you might start to detect more sweetness. There’s a bit of a cream sensation to it, as if you’re wearing a potent lotion. 

Juliette has a gun is highly feminine with its soft woody scent profile. It doesn’t feel like a complex fragrance experience in the least. 

Juliette has a gun last for an entire day, maybe more. You aren’t likely to need any reapplication throughout a single day. And its remnants will stick to your clothes for more than a day. 

This fresh, mostly woody, sometimes musky scent sticks to you even post-shower. Juliette has a gun is strong in the way that it last, but it isn’t an overpowering scent.

Because there’s a lotion-type vibe to Juliette has a gun, some people feel it’s an overpriced perfume. But hey, we have Juliette has a gun samples. So I’d suggest you try one of those before you invest in a whole bottle. 

Final Notes

Juliette has a gun is a unique women’s perfume because it doesn’t use typical fragrance notes. Instead, this perfume allows chemistry to create a woody, feminine scent. Juliette has a gun is a fun, long-lasting perfume.