Ralph Lauren Romance – A Review of What To Expect

Ralph Lauren is one of the top designer brands in fashion today. The all-American brand is well known for its iconic and patriotic use of red, white, and blue; as well, it’s traditionally priced in a more economic range. Ralph Lauren also produces some popular fragrances for both men and women. However, Romance is one of their lesser known women’s perfumes. Today, we’ll look at Romance from a high-level and review what it smells like and if it’s worth sampling.

Ralph Lauren Romance Review – The Basics

ralph lauren romance review

Ralph Lauren created Romance under the guidance of perfumer Harry Fremont. The fragrance is for women and is supposed to possess a seductive vibe through the use of citrus oils. Fremont created Romance in 1998 and it’s never completely taken off. The spirit of the fragrance didn’t resonate with people in the way Ralph Lauren hoped. Its not a top seller and reviews often place it more middle of the road.

Freoment, a master perfumer, won the Fragrance Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. He’s attached his name to a variety of popular, top-selling perfumes, which include some celebrity names. But Romance may not be his best achievement as you’ll see in the remainder of the review.

Where to Get Ralph Lauren Romance Samples

If you want to skip the Romance review (we won’t be offended) and merely try a sample of the perfume, that may make the most sense. We carry Ralph Lauren Romance samples for those very purposes. Not that we are trying to stop you from reading our reviews, but because there is no better way to learn more about a perfume than sampling it in real-life situations. Walking around the mall isn’t everyone’s ideal “real-life” situation. Or at least, it should not be.

What Does Ralph Lauren Romance Smell Like?

At the top notes, we find chamomile, lemon, ginger, rose, and yellow freesia. The middle notes unveil lotus, lily, white violet and carnation. At the base notes level, oakmoss, patchoili, white musk, and exotic woods help neutralize some of the initial spice.

Ralph Lauren Romance exudes a clean and fresh vibe. In some ways, it’s counter to anything romance related. It’s difficult to pick up the lemon or ginger. On the other hand, it’s not overly feminine, which women should understand from the outset.

And at times, it can give way to a bit of an acidic, alcohol scent. Like, it is rubbing alcohol.

Overall, we don’t love Romance all that much. It doesn’t smell in any way feminine nor seductive as advertised. Speaking of advertisements, things get worse in the next section.

Ralph Lauren Romance Commercials

We always enjoy looking at a designer brand’s fragrance commercials because they typically lend us a perspective into who the fragrance is crafted towards. It doesn’t always mean that only those targeted demographics should purchase the perfume. As stated, it’s an interesting tid-but for us. In the case of Ralph Lauren Romance commercials, this is a massive fail. This commercial is so bad, I can’t figure out who it targets? Sexy, salt of the earth folks flirting with an Amish lifestyle? Nothing about this commercials sparks any interest in trying Romance. It’s only redeeming quality is that they use Seal’s vocals. Otherwise, it’s a modern day Little House on the Prairie where people probably smell better.

Final Notes

Ralph Lauren Romance is anything but romantic. Its a bit acidic and hardly lover’s lane. It would be best to try a Romance sample rather than invest in a whole bottle. Fragrances are certainly subjective and react uniquely to different skin types, so you never know.