Shalimar Eau de Parfum Guerlain Review: An Amber Spicy Fun

The Guerlain perfume house is a French icon that’s lasted for 175 years strong. Shalimar is one of its staple women’s perfumes and considered a classic oriental style. In our Shalimar review, we’ll look over its pricing, how it smells, and even it’s fancy bottle design. We love this review because Shalimar doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but it might be a great option for yourself, or a woman you may want to gift.

Oh, and is Shalimar really a “women’s perfume?” We’ll get to that, also.

Shalimar Review Basics

shalimar review

Here’s some fun facts. Shalimar has been around a long time. In fact, it was considered a “bad girl” perfume in the 1920s. Many people considered women wearing Shalimar to be outliers, rebels, and not in any good ways. Of course, times have changed – mostly. Yes, this official Shalimar launched in 1990, it was however created at the nose of Jacques Guerlain in 1925. Why is Shalimar considered an “oriental perfume?” Well, that’s tricky. The notes, as you’ll see below, help categorize it as oriental. But also, Shalimar was inspired by an emperor.

Shalimar doesn’t try to be “bad girl,” instead, it’s a subtle experience that’s considered classy in today’s world.

Now, for the big reveal…

Shalimar really isn’t a women’s perfume, we’d consider it more genderless. Its roots certainly are as a women’s perfume, but in today’s world with it’s leathery feels, it’s a genderless fragrance.

How Does Shalimar Smell?

There’s a gentle amber happening right in the opening, but that soft layer is complimented with spice and cinammon. Right away, Shalimar is a fun, energetic, and exudes vibrance. The musk comes along towards the end. You’ll catch lemon and orange peels. The florals happen pretty fast. Instead, you’ll get more of a smokey vanilla, cinnamon, and earthy tones. Think vanilla and leather.

Shalimar is a very powdery experience. It works well with your skin as an extension of you. Some might compare Shalimar to Flowerbomb, but to be clear, Flowerbomb came well after Shalimar. In fact, Shalimar may be Flowerbomb’s base.

Let’s break down the actual notes:

In the top notes, we find citruses, the bergamot (orange peel) and lemon we already discussed, cedar, and mandarin orange. In the middle, Shalimar reveals patchouli, iris, vetiver, rose, and jasmine. In the base, there’s vanilla, leather, civet, opoponax, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk. And yes, that Shalimar base note compilation is complex arrangement.

Shalimar in Commercials, Preess

A decade ago, Guerlain released what feels like a 5 minute movie trailer promoting Shalimar. And it’s an absolutely stunning piece of work. There’s a meditative feel you get viewing the video.

Final Notes

Shalimar is an oriental inspired classic perfume that once was considered a “bad girl perfume.” Although it’s labeled as a women’s perfume, it’s a genderless experience. Every perfume aficionado should at least try Shalimar if only to experience one of the most classic fragrances around. Shalimar has inspired countless modern fragrances.