Louis Vuitton’s Spell On You Review: Erotic, Sexy, Fun

Our Louis Vuitton Spell On You review certainly warrants a little surrounding steam on the set. That’s because, for many women (and men), Spell On You releases a libido-enhancing potion. Spell On You is a women’s perfume that designer Louis Vuitton describes as “passionate love.”

We get the idea, Louis; hence, we’ll run with the racy Spell On You review narrative.

Let’s see how Spell On You stands up to the sexy labeling.

Louis Vuitton’s Spell On You Review: About

Spell on You perfume review

Spell On You is a brand new fragrance having hit shelves in 2021. In 2021, the perfume industry experienced a widespread resurgence of sorts, with perfume sales exploding

We understand there are benefits to wearing perfume. But how deep does the perfume benefits well go? Can donning your favorite perfume inspire increased libido for you or the one you are with? 

The answer is, not so strangely, yes.

Famed perfumer Jacques Cavallier created Spell On you, though it is unclear his intent goes beyond a pretty floral scent. The French perfumer presides as one of the top fragrance masters at LVHM Luxury Group. In 2004, Cavallier took home the Prix Francois Coty award for his perfume work. His illustrious perfume creations include wildly popular Christian Dior Savage and Yves Saint Laurent Opium

The Role of Perfumes in Romance, Eroticism

For many, it is difficult to fathom that a perfume could enhance your sex life. But the concept isn’t as bizarre as one might think. By using known aphrodisiac notes, a fragrance could help with libido. These notes include rose, musk, jasmine, tuberose, and vanilla. Many of these scents are included in a wide array of our perfume samples

Spell On You leverages a number of aphrodisiac notes in its formula; hence, the erotic billing. 

So, What Does Spell On You Smell Like?

Cavallier uses violet, Tuscan iris, and green notes in the top. The middle is composed of Chinese jasmine, Tuscan iris, and rose. The base notes feature acacia, white musk, and peach.

An initial spritz of Spell On You pops a more rose, green earth scent. That’s eventually mixed in with a sweet and powdery aroma. This transition to sweet and powdery can take hours, though. 

Spell On You is a similar fragrance to Heures d’absence.

Spell On You Advertising, Commercials

Vuitton utilizes the sexiness of French actress Lea Seydoux with a backdrop of I’ll Put a Spell On You (the song). Clearly, Vuitton wants to align this perfume with an erotic product. His commercial achieves that in spades.

Final Notes

Spell On You is a sexy perfume that utilizes aphrodisiac notes to enhance romance. Overall, it’s a decent fragrance but not one of our most popular samples.