The Benefits of Wearing Perfume – A Master List

It should come as little surprise that we advocate for people to wear perfumes. Given we are a perfume sample site, such as statement might feel self-serving (and maybe it somewhat is), there are significant benefits to wearing perfume. 

Yes, the benefits of wearing perfume are real. So whether you’re a perfume newbie, or someone looking to validate your perfume buying addiction, wearing perfume could benefit your life in ways you never understood.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Perfume?

Whether it’s boosting your dating life or increasing confidence, wearing perfume has its benefits. Let’s look at a complete list.

Wearing Perfume Sets a Mood

Our scent is one of the first things other people notice about us. Consider this: scent, in general, is a major influencer on how we feel about places we visit. If it wasn’t, why would businesses burn candles or essential oils? When you visit someone’s nice dinner party, you might smell an expensive lavender candle burning. Maybe the intention is to cover up the smell of roasting garlic ham, or perhaps it’s to infuse a sense of calm. In either case, the host leverages the candle’s scent as a way to influence the guests.

It’s the same with people who wear a scent (or don’t). How you smell sets the mood for those around you. For example, people may stand further away from you if you smell like you just worked out at a public gym. But what if you smell like base notes such as cedar or musk. That might deploy a sense of strength. Conversely, smelling like top notes such as citrus or rose might exude vibrance.

Increase Confidence

The right perfume can dramatically increase your confidence. When we dress to impress, we feel better about ourselves. This same idea carries over to perfumes.

When you smell nice, you feel better about yourself. You feel a sense of confidence when in intimate spaces with other people. This can lead to feeling more comfortable getting to know someone or closing a business deal. Moreover, smelling good enhances your ability to speak to potential love interests.

How you smell directly relates to your confidence in a variety of social situations. For example, when you smell good, you are more at ease and more likely to interact with more people.

Boost the Good Vibes

perfume benefits mood

You’ve heard of the power of essential oils. There’s science backing up the idea that smell relates to our vibes. While no science supports curing illnesses through scents, there certainly are studies that show scents can boost mood and reduce stress. 

If you’re feeling stressed or depressed, it isn’t a far stretch to think that a perfume could serve as some form of aromatherapy. 

Your Scent Separates You From the Herd

Ever felt like your just another ordinary schmuck? Of course, you have; we all have.

We sometimes wear unique fashion choices as a way to stand out. So it is fair to say that choosing a unique fragrance can also help us stand out from the crowd. The fragrance we choose says a lot about who we are as a person. This makes the choice of which perfume we wear a pretty impactful decision. And that’s awesome.

Perfumes Have a Subconscious Effect

perfume benefits subconcious

Perfumes are constantly working to benefit us even when we may not understand them. That’s because scent works on a subconscious level to influence how others feel. For example, someone may not outwardly notice the fragrance you wear, but their subconscious may pick up on it, which may propel them to like you more.

Perfumes Instigate Nostalgia

Many perfumes are composed with nostalgia in mind. For example, Iman’s Love Memoir uses perfume notes which reflect her relationship with her deceased husband, rock-star David Bowie. Of course, that’s a personal journey for Iman, but you can choose perfumes that feature smells that remind you of your childhood.

Improve Your Dating Life

perfume benefits dating

Hey, this one’s obvious – you can leverage perfume in your dating life. Some perfumes may help when you are looking to meet the right person. Some perfumes may help after you’ve been dating for a while and intimacy is nearing. Perfumes can serve as an intricate part of your dating world. They can encourage you and make you more daring. They can arouse you and make you feel more sexual. They can seduce and flirt.


Perfumes have several benefits, including improved dating and social life and confidence-boosting. In addition, choosing certain perfumes may help you relive days of old. And other perfumes could influence people’s opinions of you on a subconscious level.

Whatever the case, the benefits of wearing perfumes are undeniable.