Miley Cyrus Says Gucci’s Perfume ‘Brings Back Memories’ of Grandmother

“It brings me back to her and all of our wonderful memories“It brings me back to her and all of our wonderful memories.”

Cyrus, the Grammy award winning popstar says Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia reminds her of her grandmother’s memory.

Cyrus, the face of Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, made these comments in an interview with the UK’s Vogue affiliate.

Cyrus also said that the perfume represents a free spirit. 

 “It’s unmanageably free. It represents my spirit. It is important that nature be the most true, most genuine and magical self, which I embody when I wear Flora. Thing.” She continued.

Cyrus and Gucci are far from strangers when it comes to marketing relations. Cyrus donned Gucci garments during her Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate pre-show performance.

We currently carry samples of Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia.

Launched in 2012, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is a top women’s perfume. Its top notes are red berries and pear, but its Patchouli base keeps it reeled in. 

After a spritz of Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, you’ll find it’s a lighter scent, which for some, isn’t what they signed up for. Most floral scents embody stronger, bolder first impressions. But the gardenia in the Cyrus-backed fragrance tends to result in a more subtle experience. Some folks say they don’t even smell it at first. 

We would describe Flora Gorgeous Gardenia as a subtle, uplifting fragrance experience. However, if you need something more in your face, certainly avoid this perfume. 

Additionally, it’s been compared to the more economical buy, Viva La Juicy. We also carry Viva La Juicy samples for those interested. Viva La Juicy can be found at Walmart for $36. In contrast, you’ll pay over $80 for Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia at Sephora. 

Flora Gorgeous Gardenia represents a toned-down floral aroma experience. This is built for those who prefer a more faint fragrance. But its price often causes people to take pause. Moreover, it’s important to remember that Cyrus has a lot at stake regarding the fragrance’s sales. Therefore, her opinion on the matter is rather a biased take.