Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette Review: Is It Good?

Do Son by Diptyque is considered a floral fragrance, but with a bite. Do Son is a popular women’s perfume that’s a peppery fragrance experiences. 

Read our Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette Review to learn more about this fragrance. 

What Does Do Son Smell Like?

The top notes are iris, rose, and African orange flower. The middle notes are pink pepper and tuberose. The base notes are musk and benzoin.

I can tell you straight away that when it comes to Do Son’s smell, the middle notes dominate. And this amounts to the warmer, spicier experience I noted in the opening. 

The tuberose and pink pepper pop from the skin but seem to be encapsulated in a bit of sweetness from the top notes. Do Son is a very clean smell. It’s feminine, albeit somewhat powdery. 

The major downside to Do Son is that it doesn’t have much perfume longevity. So you might get a couple of hours out of Do Son, which isn’t very competitive. But while it lasts, it’s a nice, clean, and classic scent. 

Final Notes

Do Son by Diptyque is a classic, spicy scent that’s middle notes featuring pink pepper and tuberose really shine. I like Do Son as a winter or fall fragrance. The downside to Do Son is that it tends to wear off rather quickly. Maybe try a Do Son sample and test it out.