Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume Review – Is This Legacy Fragrance Worth It?

After writing this Philosophy Amazing Grace review, I can say candidly that I’m now a fan. That’s not to discount my feelings towards this fragrance prior, rather to say that I potentially disregarded it for no good reason.

But that’s how it goes with the old guard. Though often, we find that those perfumes which stand the test of time (decades in the case of Philosophy Amazing Grace) are the top perfumes for women.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Review – The Basics

Perfumer Tanya Petrakov is credited for creating Amazing Grace. However, from what we can see, she’s credited with only two perfumes, the other being Pure Grace.

Amazing Grace was brought to market in 1996, nearly three decades ago. The fact that it remains a top perfume for women is a testament to its enduring longevity.

When it comes to a perfume’s quality, we like to see longevity as a significant influencer. Fragrances that stand the test of time do so for a reason. There is no doubt one of those reasons can be marketing budget, but it’s safe to assume that corporations cease investing in products that fail to sell.

Philosophy Amazing Grace continually dominates the fragrance market. As a result, it has an avid consumer base.

What Does Philosophy Grace Perfume Smell Like?

Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, and Bergamot lead the charge. There’s a bit of an acidic hint in the notes due to the heavy citrus influences. You’ll catch some jasmine hanging out in that initial spritz. All of this floral is wrapped up in a musk base that helps keep it all balanced.

Overall, Philosophy Grace exudes a soft, gentle, feminine scent. It tends to remain in your proximity; in other words, it doesn’t leave any misty trails as you move about. It’s subtle, not obnoxious.

The initial scent empowers the floral notes, but that quickly settles into a deeper musk aroma.

How Long Does It Last?

Not that long – thinking half a day. This is something to consider if you plan to wear it all day and through dinner. You’ll likely need a reapplication or two. This can contribute to added expenses.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Samples

You’re in luck.

You can pick up Philosophy Amazing Grace samples and decide if you enjoy this fragrance without entirely investing in it. That’s the point of perfume samples, you know. Try it and see what your thoughts are. And hey, leave us some comments. We love hearing real-life feedback on our perfume samples.


Philosophy Amazing Grace commercials feature Australian actress, Alycia Debnam-Carey. The main commercial deploys a peppy, energetic vibe.

Final Notes

Philosophy Amazing Grace is a soft, feminine, floral experience. It doesn’t jump from your skin; instead, it settles in as a subtle journey. The downside is that it doesn’t last a long time, so expect to reapply if you need all day and coverage into the night.