Dolly Parton’s Perfume Skyrockets ‘Fastest-Selling Fragrance in HSN History’

When Dolly does anything, she does it big. And yeah, pun intended, but there is a lot of truth in such sentiment. For example, Dolly Parton’s new perfume, Scent from Above, is currently raking in historical sales on the Home Shopping Network.

Parton’s perfume sold faster than any other perfume on HSN in the past 10-years. That’s a massive accomplishment for the legendary singer whose fragrance competes with top designer brands. Parton’s sales numbers are both impressive and mindnumbing. Launching in July, Scent from Above steamrolled to the highest selling launch day ever in HSN fragrance history. The fragrance immediately sold out. We probably shouldn’t be surprised by the success of Parton’s Scent from Above launch, she’s simply a spectacular, iconic person. Yes, we love Dolly.

Parton’s Scent from Above is aligned with Scent Beauty by way of partnership. Parton describes Scent from Above as a “playful floral.” It’s a fruity perfume with sandalwood at its base. Parton says her inspiration came by way of her numerous lotions and makeup components.

Parton also says, “it smells heavenly, so what better name to give it than ‘Scent From Above?'”

When you pop on MicroPerfumes, you can try a variety of perfume samples. But sadly, we’ve not yet stocked up with Parton’s Scent from Above samples. However, we will keep you informed.

That said, if you’re into celebrity perfumes, give Ariana Grande’s latest fragrance a go. We do have those samples.