Dolly Parton’s Newest Perfume, Smoky Mountain, Is Super Exciting

We love all things Dolly around here. So wh

We love all things Dolly around here. So when Dolly launches a new perfume, we’re ready with a team of sniff-happy reporters to cover it. That’s a bit dramatic, but hopefully, you share my excitement around Dolly Parton’s newest perfume.

Dolly’s newest fragrance, perfectly named Smoky Mountain, is hitting the market and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Smoky Mountain is a follow-up to her Playful Floral fragrance, which broke sales records.

The aptly named Smoky Mountain perfume reflects the smell of Parton’s country lifestyle growing up in Tennessee. Like many celebrities who create perfumes, Parton worked with Scent Beauty on Smoky Mountain. Smoky Mountain is the latest installation to her Front Porch Collection.

It’s a woody, floral scent experience. Parton uses tonka, cashmere woods, and tiger orchid in the notes.

Dolly Smoky Mountain bottle is a light purple, and features the same butterfly stopper that her previous fragrance featured. Girl is building a brand, right?

Dolly is one of the most influential, timeless musicians we’ve ever encountered. She’s been nothing but kind and classy. It’s great to see her perfume business now thriving. We wouldn’t expect anything less from her. Hopefully, the Smoky Mountain experience is as grand as the singer herself.

The .1 ounce discovery bottles are $9.99. Currently, we don’t stock Dolly Parton Smoky Mountain samples. But please check back shortly.

Celebrities are flocking into the perfume market as they’ve come to realize that large social media followings can move product. And while some celebrities have put their name on some rather foul stuff, Dolly doesn’t appear to be one of those. Her fragrances are good, if not great. While she is using her name to sell more fragrances, she’s putting out a legitimate, nice product.